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2014 Season Review

Head Coach, Wayne “MAC” Macuirzynski; Asst. / JV Head Coach, Casey Adams,
Asst. Coach, Brian Hoekzema

14-5 overall record (Most single season wins in school history),
4th straight season as District Runner-up.  Lost to Oak Hall in District Championship 5-15.  

Program Records Broken in 2014:
-Season Points: Finn Swanson (91), Kyle Hunziker (85)
-Season Goals: Jackson McKaig (50) Kyle Hunziker (49)
      Finn Swanson (41)
-Season Assists: Finn Swanson (55) Kyle Hunziker (36)
-Season Ground Balls:  Adam Millinoff (152)    

Varsity Captains:  Adam Millinoff, Cheyenne Mogadham,
Illie Tomlin, Max Troha

Varsity Offensive MVP:          Finn Swanson
Varsity defensive MVP:        Cheyenne Moghadam
Varsity Sportsman Award:     Austin Price
Varsity Most Improved:        Chandler Coons
*Max Troha:  The first player in BHS LAX history  recruited to play NCAA D-2 lacrosse at 
Lindenwood Univ.

Junior Varsity Captains:  Devin Smith, Robert Anhalt,
Seth Giles, Wilson Peter
JV Third straight winning season and best record: 8-1

JV Offensive MVP:                Robert Anhalt
JV Defensive MVP:                Wilson Peter
JV Sportsman Award:            James Eddy
JV Most Improved:                Kyle Fisher

2013 Season Review

Head Coach, Reed Reynolds; Asst/JV Coach, Casey Adams; Asst. Coach, Wayne Macuirzynski; 
Asst. Coach, Cody Clayson

13 - 5 overall record (Most Single Season wins in school history), 3rd straight season as District 
Runner-up (Loss to Oak Hall, Score: 11-2)

Shut out Eastside (EHS) 18-0 and Gainesville (GHS) 22-0

First win vs. Orlando area school (in school history), Olympia (6-5)

Captains: Briggs Kirby, Nick Sivils, Ilie Tomlin

Varsity MVP - Briggs Kirby
Varsity Offensive MVP - Nick Sivils, (record setting season - 38 goals and 28 assists for 66 points)
Varsity Defensive MVP - Matt Kimball
Varsity Most Improved Player - Ilie Tomlin

JV second straight winning season, record of 5-3
JV Offensive MVP - Zach Jones
JV Defensive MVP - Seth Giles
JV Most Improved Player - Devin Smith

2012 Season Review

Head Coach, Reed Reynolds; Asst./JV Coach, Casey Adams; Asst. Coach, Brett Schlosser

2nd straight season as District Runner-up in District Championship, Loss to Oak Hall 13-6

5-10 record with highest Strength of Schedule ranking in District 7

Largest margin of victory is 20 goals over PK Yonge in 2012 (22-2)

Shut-out Gainesville (GHS) 17-0 win

Captains: Will Dodd, Barrett Severance, Cody Clayson
Varsity Co-Offensive MVP – Nick Sivils, Cody Clayson
Varsity Defensive MVP – Will Dodd
Varsity Most Improved Player – Jalen Johnson

JV first ever win over Lincoln (Tallahassee) 6-2
JV first winning season, record of 5-1 outscoring opponents 55-20 with 3 shut-outs
JV Offensive MVP – Jackson McKaig
JV Co-Defensive MVP – Cheyenne Moghadam, Colton Girard
JV Most Improved Player – Kyle Horner

2011 Season Review


Head Coach, Reed Reynolds; Assistant Coach, Casey Adams
Gainesville got its own district in the FHSAA District (#4), which included BHS, EHS, PK, GHS,
and Oak Hall.

First District tournament play.
First District Championship game played with a loss to Oak Hall High School 8-6.
First winning season with 9-8 record

First ever shut out with a 14-0 win over St. Augustine High School

Varsity Captains: Reese Courington, Will Dodd, Sean Green, and Kyle Musson

Connor Frank set record (goals in season 38 and points in a season 55)
Varsity Offensive MVP - Conner Frank
Varsity Defensive MVP - Will Dodd (record setting season - 78 ground balls, 36 caused turnovers)
Tyler Baggett (record for assists in a season 18)
Varsity Most Improved Player - Adam Millinoff

JV Offensive MVP - Max Troha
JV Defensive MVP - Chandler McFarland
JV Most Improved Player - Ilie Tomlin

2010 Season Review

Head Coach, Mike Hanley; Assistant Coach, Brian K
Placed for the first time in an FHSAA District (#3).
Played both Gainesville High School and Eastside High School for the first time.



2009 Season Review

Head Coach, Mike Hanley; Assistant Coach, Curtis Diaz
Varsity's 1st win - Buchholz vs. Stanton Prep - February 20, 2009.
Biggest Loss - 22 to 0 - vs. Creekside March 13, 2009

Kendall Hale scored the first goal ever for the varsity team.  Josh Clevenger scored the first goal
ever for the JV Team.

On February 13, 2009 - the varsity team played its first game against Menendez High School.
JV's first game was on February 14, where it joined the varsity team playing Lawton Chiles
High School in Tallahassee.

In January 2009, Buchholz Boys Lacrosse became the first varsity and JV teams at a public high 
school in Alachua County joining Oak Hall and PK Yonge as the only high schools in the county with 
varsity programs.

Final Tournament of the year Buchholz placed 3rd.  Kyle Musson and Kendall Hale named All 
Tournament Players.

Varsity Most Improved - Kyle Musson
Varsity Best Attack - Devin Sides
Varsity Best Midfield - Kendall Hale.
Varsity Best Defender - Jimmy Avery
Varsity Best Defender - Sean Green
Varsity Best Defender - Kevin Reichardt
Varsity Best Defender - Kyle  Musson
Varsity Sportsman - Casey Adams

JV Sportsman - Reese Courington
JV Outstanding Attack - Ben Vogel
JV Most Improved - David Annable
JV MVP - Will Dodd
JV Coach's Award - Barrett Severance
JV Outstanding Midfielder - Casey Braginton
JV Outstanding Defender - Jack Foster



Buchholz Boys Lacrosse started as a club team in January 2008.  Played with the West 
Florida Lacrosse League, under the direction of Blaine Patrick.




Dan Teti - Captain

Kyle Musson- Captain

Casey Adams

Jimmy Avery

Tyler Burris

Connor Frank

Ivan Gidding

Sean Green

Dylan Guenther

Kendall Hale

Chris Hall

Matt Hall

Russell Hollander

Josh Lewis

Dustin  Manassa

Jess McCrea

Max Meucci

Scott Mollman

Dean Muggeo

Joe Nickerson

Devin Sides

Trevor Staubaum

Evan Volozo

Alex Waddell

Travis Weaver

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